Sunday, 27 November 2011


27th of November. The day started of with my daily Subuh prayer after mom woke me up. And then continued to sleep for a while. Then, mommy woke me up at 8 and got ready with myself and my spare clothes and got breakfast. Breakfast wasn't much as I was bloody anxious of the battlefield. Yeah, the battlefield.

And then I travelled to the Megat's residency. As I arrived I saw Khan Hamidy and Megat Nasir playing co-op on UC3. And yeah, it's been a quite long time since I've seen Khan. So, we were there waiting for Redzuan perhaps. After all has been set, we're good to go and we go! Mid journey, there was this douche, almost hit the front bumper and when we honked, he was pissed. WTF man?

Arriving at Mid Valley, we headed off to Galactic Laser, the place for the game. Well, we just hang around and Nasir dragged us up for a not-so-aerial view of the dark, gruesome playground. Lol, overness. And then we were waiting for Faiq, he was walking from KK. It took him long =P No offence yeah brother? After a rendezvous with him. We entered the place. Paid RM50 and got myself into my spare which is the Barca jersey and yeah Redzuan had the urge to 'melee' me in the warzone. Heck, it knew it was intense so I knew it was going to be wet. Not that kinda wet though.
The A-Team
From left: Nasir, Redzuan, Khan, Faiq
Briefing was done and first round was a Free-For-All match and I was damned like shit. What? It was my first time right? First round goes like this, I was trying out the laser gun thingy a.k.a phaser, I guess. Seems nice as I'm used to guns and war, in games only mind you. I got the aiming part down. And I believed that reaction time had alot to do with my survival. First round starts! I ran up to corners hiding from sight, shooting people who were oblivious to my presence behind them. "Rapid Fire", the gun exclaimed, signifying I achieved a killstreak of three. And yes, it didn't last as long I as I expected but yeah I love it. And the best part in the first match was I get to pwn a camper! Yeah, effing camper! He was like "Damn you!" and I replied "Fucking camper!". And there were more. Next we check the scores and I was deemed 4th. Hey, that's not bad for a n00b is it? And we took our rest for a while.

Second round was a Team Deathmatch match. We were Red team. Feels like BF3! Entering the arena and we chose to cover one spot as it increased our chance of survival, and prevailing perhaps. And when the round started, we got off to a very sweet start. Yeah, no offence but those guys weren't much of a challenge this round as they intruded our territory one-by-one. We just shoot that's all. It all was good until they raided our position. We had to split and there was my, and our, downfall. I got cornered on the top floor, by a girl. Such humiliation. After the round ended, we were still the first team. Yeah, we own.

Third team was a Squad Deathmatch as we were divided into three teams. We were Blue and we were perfectly grouped, no other stranger were there. Again, we entered the warzone, chose our spot and then there were kids ruining our surprise factor. We were quite hidden from plain sight. No, we aren't ninjas, just we took cover. Match starts! And we dittoed the last match's strategy. We did quite well until there were campers on the top floor and chasers. FYI, chasing is forbidden. NOOBS! Nothing much to say about this round. Except that this was the WORST round out of the three.

The worthy opponents

Post-match Drake

Tired Faiq

The Champ!

The Epic Team
All in all, Laser Tag was damn fun. Quite the addiction.

The New Addiction

Nothing new in life? Hell no! I got the best thing on Earth ever, since slice bread, no, even precise since Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Here, the awesome masterpiece!

Current Wallpaper =)

I was surprised this was on my bed

Better this than women on my bed =P

Drake! We love you!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

All Men Dream, But Not Equally

"All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible. "
T.E. Lawrence 

Yes, it's undeniable that we all dream. But we are the 'night dreamers', we never stood up to our challenge. Yeah, it's a fact. So what's with all this? Well, it's the calm before the storm, the light before the darkness, the peace before the war. Yes, the examination, SPM, is less than a year for me, for 0812. And I solemnly swear that this will be the epic ending. And I will be that 'dreamers of the day'. I will bring the achievement to my self and my family. And I will stand among the standers. And I won't fall!

Thank you Nathan Drake for teaching me values I've never come to notice in this life. You are one of the awesome-est person I've ever knew.


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A quiet prayer

Ya Allah,
Truly, I've been a bad boy this year,
And truly, I've tried my best to be a good boy but  failed,
I failed papers, I broke rules, I did the did-nots,
But Allah the Most Gracious, the one thing I really regret this year is,
Breaking 'her' heart,

Ya Allah,
I still want to be friends with her,
So, please forgive me,
Please forgive her,
Please find her a better person than me,
Please take care of her heart,
Please lighten her burden,
Please don't make the others pressure her bad,
I never meant for this, Ya Allah,
Even now, I still care for her, Ya Allah,
And lastly please forgive my sins against her,

Ya Allah,
I'm just one of your weak persons,
So, Ya Rabbi, I hope this prayer is heard out

Ya Mukalibul Qulub Sabith Qalbi, 

Amin, Amin, Ya Rabbal Alamin.

Friday, 18 November 2011


I've always wanted to inflict massive damage from afar. So, tell me, is it possible to kill someone from a mile?

M82 Barrett.

It looks so deadly. I love it BUT I can't have it lah kan? Military standards. So, would I join the army for this? Nah, not really. Think I should join the marksman sports?

Monday, 7 November 2011

Those Ears?

After listening with some crappy earphones, I decided to buy temporary earphones just for the sake of listening songs with better sound quality. But it got boring after a tad while and those temporaries lost its shine in quality. In short, it doesn't satisfy. So, a visit to a local computer store reminded me of something. Yeah, there was wireless mice, anti-virus products, some gaming laptop (not a single damn was given that day), and there was Logitech. Yeah, Logitech, tons of gaming and computing goods. And there was it, I saw my dream baby. There it was, glimmering in its obsidian box. The Ultimate Ears 200! And then it hit me, I got no cash. But then suddenly my dad said "Take it if you want it" and then I was like, on cloud 10.

UE 200-Gallery Lg1 750x239
Really awesome IEMs
These in-ear monitors (IEM) are really worth the bang for the buck. More perhaps. Quite a recommendation to buy these. No regrets.

Till then.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

A Subtle Reminder

After all those times with everything, I realized that it was all a feint story in my life until something came crashing into me. That something was quite a big smack in the face which made me see what's life all about.

Life is all about what we did, are doing and will be doing. What we did in the past was something quite irrelevant to our current self but it was acutally the very seed that created us in the first place. The past was actually important in our experience building process. So don't worry if you failed as failing is a big process in learning. We learn from our mistakes right? And then comes the present. This is where we are now. Often took for granted, the present is the time we should stand up for le futura. Hehs, I'm struggling with the present but that's me, alot with struggles, so worry not fellow friends. And there's the future where awesome crap are invented and stuff. And there is where our epitome of life is, the very moment where we are on our ace high performance. But all this won't happen with our ups and downs in life. And to be honest, this year has been the best obstacle in my life so far, testing me from every aspect but especially on the emotion factor. And it quite hurts to be tested that way but it's the harsh preparation for life so yeah. By the way, Stay Tough Forever. I learned that from a fellow friend from the land of the South.

Thanks for everything friends and family. You're the best ever.