Thursday, 9 June 2011

I'm off to Koleq. Synonymously, I'm off to hell guys.

To those I care, take care. I don't want to hear you hurt. I'll be back later. I'll be better.

The State of Mind! Again?!

Train wreck. That explains me quite accurately. I'm not sure what, but my mind is what explains all these. Let's unravel some of the problems I face, in point form better :-

  • Add Maths, damn hard!
  • Friends, some of them won't even help
  • Teachers, or 'hellraisers' to be precise
  • The 'New' Rules, the schools "improved" rules
  • End-year exam, what am I gonna crap again this time
  • Some undone HW, quite a reason
  • Koleq's future, with everything already happened, it's just hell there
  • That damned Finale, trust me, it's a blessing-turned-curse situation
  • That damned training regime, I need to breathe damnit!
  • The juniors future, I don't want to leave them dead
  • I'm an arse, quite the selfish arse I am
  • Pondering on the future, self-explanatory
  • Mid-teen crisis' (?), maybe there is such a thing
  • Sleepless nights, don't know the cause of this
  • Hectic life at school, get's even worse
  • No time, when the heck am I to do my personal stuff?
  • Lot's of stuff left to do, stuff to do in class 
  • People getting emotional on me for my problems, who the shit are you to judge me?
  • Feel worst for being the crap I am, self-explanatory
  • Keeps thinking of an unsolvable problem, it's unsolvable nuff said
  • Staying at the same spot, when the hell am I going to move on?
  • Coping with stress, that itself is stressful
Frankly speaking, I'm surprised to see all these. I thought I'd barely had problems. Seriously, if I'm ever going to improve in anyway, I'm guessing all of this have to go away but the question of 'how' would pop out and makes the conditions worse. It's just something that you can't wipe off in a single day. Oh God, please give me the solution(s) for this. Amin..

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Mencalit Arang di Muka Sendiri!

Almost became my DP on FB
Never accept dares and challenges that could kill you =P

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Lately, I'm just lazy, or not in the mood, to type and crap up long posts so let the pictures do their work. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words right?

So, here goes.

Want that peripheral =(
Geeky, but sweet!

Best of the best =)

Just don't!

I've already knew and studied stuff, so, the conclusion was


 Makes your lives worse and destroys almost everything in life

Thank you

Monday, 6 June 2011

Supposed to be 'the' great day, but hey, it was okay

Sunday, 5 June 2011


Reading this currently.

Thursday, 2 June 2011


Smiling like these random green smiling balls
Can I?

Cute kittie!

The guidelines! =P

Makes you look perfect

In desperate times =P
Last but not least!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The State of Mind!

Control the mind. When you control it, you control everything. And it affects the things around you. For instance :-

My locker, when I'm fully tensed with exams and crap

My locker, again, when I'm at serenity NOT serenti =P
And as a bonus, senang nak study!

Conclusion: Treat your mind, don't let your surroundings get you and kill you from the inside. Thus, hypothesis is accepted.