Monday, 2 January 2012

The Start of The Maelstrom

It felt like yesterday that I started my 16th year life at school. Time really flies when you're having great time, worst or first it doesn't matter, time waits for no man. That's the harsh truth.

But nothing is something if you don't take what it has to offer to you. The year Two Thousand Eleven had a lot in store for me, and I was a sucker for it. I learnt a lot of values and lessons along the way. I've gained many friends, and subsequently, I've gained foes too. And I can't stress more on what I experienced the last year.

Amongst all the confusion and hectic moments, God gave me a preview of one of His graciousness. He introduced me to a precious feeling called Love. Yes, this is what I lived on last year, to be honest. Let me share with you a story. It all started on February. Allah subtly introduced me to one of His humble creations. It was her. It was my first time in 16 years that I felt Love. I have to agree that it is a very, very powerful feeling. A force that shouldn't be reckoned with, I say. I felt so happy, so euphoric, so fly. I knew that, that moment was a moment to be cherished. Yes I did. My feelings for her were strong. I knew I wanted to be her best ever, the man for the woman. I tried my best. Unknowingly, I've changed into a better person in that period. Somewhere in the middle, we hit a bump. It broke me into pieces, and as a side product, I've grown stronger, and better. I lived a lone wolf life after that.

I prayed to God. And I wanted Him to answer. And alhamdulillah he did. So, when His Graciousness gave me a second chance, I took it with no second thought. I was very grateful and happy. You know, I loved her very much, more than I love myself. That's a cold fact. Yes, I enjoyed every moment of it. Until, an unfortunate turn of events trashed me. It was the end of us. God denied us. I believed He has something better for us. I have faith in that.

So, that's the end of the story. Even though it has nothing much interesting, it holds something precious for me. And before ending this, to whoever you are, I just want to say thank you, for giving me on of the best moments in my life. And I apologize for whatsoever deeds that I have done wrong. I hope you do forgive me. I wish you the best of luck for 2012 and the upcoming years.

And whatever that waits for me this year, just know that, I'm being my best to become a better person. With that, I conclude.