Saturday, 13 June 2009

Balik dah..

Setelah dua minggu kita bercuti.
Tiba masa untuk pulang
Pulang ke taman ilmu dan iman.
Dengan perasaan hiba,
Ku melangkah kembali
Kembali ke alam ilmu
Bakal pulang pada bulan Ramadhan
Puasa menanti menyambut,
Kepulanganku yang dinanti-nantikan
Kau rasa keperitan
Yang ku hadapi selama ini?
Yang ku rasai selama ini?
Yang ku redahi selama ini?
Selamat tingal negeri Ehsan.

By- Wankoleq...

Monday, 8 June 2009

Back from the East...

After a while staying home, littering the floor with packs of Pringles, we decided to go to my dad's hometown, the East Coast. Oh, how I missed the sound of the white horses splashing the shores of the Kemaman beaches.

Well, I dunno what to type... It was such an adventure for my family and I. Umm, how about I spam this post with pictures and let them tell thier own stories. So, let's start...

That's me, slacking off...
(the biggest)

My siblings eying n buying a kite...

Now is the time to fly the kite.
(Not to mention, I had a 26.4 ft run in attempt to catch that kite when I acciddentally let go of it)

An eagle soaring above the skies...

My little brother creating
a little pool for himself...

Well, now he's enjoying in a 'real' pool

I saved the best for last...
My personal...