Monday, 29 December 2008

A piece of Heaven...

Yesterday, I went to a place (obviously) where raw fish and vinegared rice are united to become one... Well, this is not some unity scheme we're talking about. THIS IS SPARTA!!!! LOL, no, I was just joking... No Spartans involved...

So, back to the topic... My family and I went to Sushi King. After my family broke their fast (everywhere was full at the moment) at Sushi King without me (I was at MCKK back then), They promised to bring me with them, and they did... So, I had a good time with them. I feel I'm being loved. Wait, that just contradicts with the blog title... Well, that's just for naming a blog...

Wow, such blur faces.
Maybe are the aftereffects of wasabi...

I had a good time there. The fish were like "Food of the Gods"... Wasabi? Yeah, wasabi did me great, my nose wasn't bleeding from the spiciness of the green condiment. I think I have a pallate for Japanese food.

This is after a nice meal and some green tea.
We stacked alot of plates, and it's gonna burn
my dad's wallet...

Friday, 26 December 2008

First Years are The Best Years...

MCKK, a Malaysian heritage and also a historical school... Built in 1905, a long time ago hence the design... So, speaking of which, there is where I receive my rightful education. Yes, I understand, it's a far place from where I live. I live in Selangor, but the 103-year-old college is sited at Kuala Kangsar, the Royal Town of Perak...

Well, it's a nice place to have education running through your mind. This is the alma mater of some prominent politicians. Wow, leader of a nation is a big job to handle, especially if you have a big family...

Speaking of the school, I'll talk about my life there and any other stuff. I'm from a pretty cool batch... Prep Schoolers (I don't know the real term) know me as Wan. I love my nickname for some reason...
Here's, my beloved dorm.
The most strategically placed dorm in Prep School.

My dorm consists of 22 persons including prefects who lovingly takes care of the student who reside in Prep School. Well, I am gonna miss this dorm after to new Form 2 life *sighs*. You should try and apply if you have the rights to go here. Two of my peers got interested in the school and enrolled due to following my footsteps...

My peers rocks my socks off for a smple reason... They care for each other, so a bond will appear as we continue our lives... Talking about my friends, here's a pictgure of them spending some quality time together at The Table of Brotherhood... Meh, that's just a normal table... METAPHORS ROCK...

The Table of Brotherhood...

Well, those are my peers playing a Game of Unity... Okay, okay, I'll stop with the freaking metaphors. It's just a game of carrom. I suck at the game (mind you, I don't suck at it that bad)...

I'd like to end my post with a good bye... Well, good bye...

A nice piece of mastery by Genesis...

Well, here you have Genesis' masterpiece, it's from my favourite game Crisis Core Final Fantasy vii...

Here it comes!

When the war of the beasts brings about the world’s end
The goddess descends from the sky
Wings of light and dark spread afar
She guides us to bliss, her gift everlasting.

Act I
Infinite in mystery is the gift of the goddess
We seek it thus, and take it to the sky
Ripples form on the water’s surface
The wandering soul knows no rest.

Act II
There is no hate, only joy
For you are beloved by the goddess
Hero of the dawn, Healer of worlds
Dreams of the morrow hath the shattered soul
Pride is lost
Wings stripped away, the end is nigh.

My friend, do you fly away now?
To a world that abhors you and I?
All that awaits you is a somber morrow
No matter where the winds may blow
My friend, your desire
Is the bringer of life, the gift of the goddess
Even if the morrow is barren of promises
Nothing shall forestall my return.

Act IV
My friend, the fates are cruel
There are no dreams, no honor remains
The arrow has left the bow of the goddess
My soul, corrupted by vengeance
Hath endured torment, to find the end of the journey
In my own salvation
And your eternal slumber
Legend shall speak
Of sacrifice at world’s end
The wind sails over the water’s surface
Quietly, but surely.

Act V
Even if the morrow is barren of promises
Nothing shall forestall my return
To become the dew that quenches the land
To spare the sands, the seas, the skies
I offer thee this silent sacrifice.


I think it really mirrors me quite well...

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Hi !!

Hi guys, you guys and gals may remember me from PSP Zealotz (CLICK IT, you know you want to)... It's me, DeathSharingan, the guy the lives in your room, under the closet... Meh, ramdomness, I kinda like it...

Well, after a while blogging the PSP way and my family addicted to this blogging fad and everybody in my family owns a blog. So, I decided to blog my personal affairs (mind you, don't get it wrong)...

So, I will own a nice camera and have nice pictures here... Well, get ready to enjoy my personal stuff...