Sunday, 26 August 2012

From Daddy With Love

After a while with the UE600, I felt obliged to review on those lovely pair of IEMs.

First impressions were speechless. Sound was purely balanced. At first use, it wasn't clear of what it brought. But, after around 2 days, the quality improved drastically.

I can assure you the IEMs are top quality for its price. To my ears, it created a really surreal 3D soundstage. And that was with the provided silicon earbuds. It provided good seal and noise isolation. Quite a good seal as it was comfortable. The seal also provided the buds with a nice airtight seal to produce that realistic-rather-than-booming bass qualities. Speaking of bass, it did provide me with a clear and more real thump rather than warm bass. On the other hand, it did not sacrifice any of the treble for the bass. In other words, the highs sound clear and crisp, while the bass gives great padding to the highs, and not forgetting the mids were surely balanced and alive.

During the review session, I decided to try out the Comply Foam Tips. It is cited that it is the holy grail of the earbuds. You should check their website, just Google Comply Foam Tips up. Surprisingly, it improved the sound quality tenfolds. And as a plus, it is so damn comfortable, after an hour with those stuck in my ears, I barely noticed it there. Squeeze it and insert, it will expand and follows the contour of the ear canals. With it being as foam, one must put alot of care into those tips.

As conclusion, it is recommended if you seek for clarity in music as the price is highly recommended for amateur audiophiles. If you prefer more warmth and thumpier bass, I wouldn't really recommend this one for you. And to my dear friend Yasmin Sofea, if you have the cash and looking for clarity and a nice soundstage recreation, this are for you.

Lovely indeed