Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A Bad Habit

It's has been a really long time since I've tweeted, umm, sorry, blogged anything sensitive. Well, tonight comes to a topic that has long been roaming inside my mind. It's about hating. Ironically, I'm a big hater for haters, but to put it into a more appropriate terms, I disapprove of haters. We'll dissect into that in just a moment.

In the meanwhile, we should define the word hater. Basically it means a group or individual that strongly disapproves a subject be it metaphorically or literally. I guess everybody know this term already. Let's move on to the main point.

After years spent with the 9Gag community, my friends and society, I've come to learn that they purely hate stuff like Twilight, Bieber, 1D, Kpop, and all those stuff we learn to hate about. Being in a remote and calm environment, breathing fresh breeze of the vast ocean, I've notice that hate is the spawn of Satan in your heart. It might not be clear to some, but it's the truth.

I won't lie to you, a few days ago I was a strong hater of one of the group stated above. I know that Twilight is cheesy and Bella's face is quite emotionless, but that does not give you the right to hate it with all your heart. I don't see the relevance in hating it so much. We could channel the immense hatred onto the Zionist perhaps, but hating some romantic teenage movie isn't more profitable than staring a melting ice cube. Hating is just one way of Satan playing with your heart. And every time you hate something or someone, you'll be adding sins to your petty soul.

The main point is, if you don't like it, then don't do anything with it. Just ignore perhaps. Hating? It's just gonna add to your sin count. See? Nothing really profitable there, isn't it? For instance, they say the Twilight saga is better than the Harry Potter saga. In my point of view, it's all the same. What differs is the fanbase, it's either they are mature people or just immature kids who whine all about the opposing team.

All this words up there could be confusing to non-readers, what I'm trying to sincerely convey is, please don't hate each other and respect other people's taste. It's their decision, their taste, their preferences. And as a mature person, you should respect their decision no matter how 'gay' it is.

I'm not trying to force any one of you to follow my creed but it's a must for me to share what I've gained from the past few months staying here. As the Malay proverb would say,

Buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih
Let's improve for the betterment of ourselves, and the society. Amin.

'Till then

Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Maiden of The Far East

Today marks a special day for all of us, especially one of my friend all across the South China Sea. Yes, I'm looking at you Sabah. Well, this post was not conceived under high doses of budu nor belacan, but it was purely conceived as a tribute to one of the most thoughtful friend I could've ever asked for.

Here we go.
DK Vivi  Fazrenna :)
That's my friend and yes, that is her real name, and the smiley has to do something with it. Although I do not remember how I knew her in the first place, she always has been helping me a lot with my deeper problems. She seems to be calm even in the most dire situations. She said I'm always acting funny and being so awkward. Well, again, I am not really comfortable around girls. Hehs, me just being me, lacking confidence. She's more mentally matured then she looks trust me. She taught me tons of stuff in my times. That wasn't an exaggeration but yeah, that much.Oh yeah, she's from Tunku Kurshiah College, and no, she's not available. Seriously, I'm not kidding.

Why the long tribute you ask? Oh yeah, before I go derailing the post, it's because it's a very very special day for her. What day? Well it's her 18th anniversary of her coming into the world! In other words it is her 18th birthday. To be frank, I didn't know her birthday was on January, as she looked more of a February or March type of person. That's a pointless assumption, I have to say. 

As I type this, I remembered that she didn't prefer to type in Bahasa Melayu because it sounded harsh. So, let me attempt a passage in that. 

Lapan belas tahun melangkah ke alam Dunia,
Sudah engkau meghilang dahaga sang minda,
Menimba ilmu serta membuka mata,
Agar melihat hakiki kekuasaan-Nya,
Bukan sekadar luka dan duka,
Bukan sekadar ilham yang nyata,
Tapi juga kurniaan Maha Pencipta,
Bumi, Laut, Flora dan Fauna,
Agar insan bersyukur kepada Allah,
Sang Pencipta Alam Semesta

Hope you don't laugh at my passage up there. It's the best I could think of right now. And before I forget, happy birthday Vivi. Jazakallahukhair.

'Till the next time

Stuck In The Realm of Growth

It has been a long while since I've updated this blog. Honestly, the last post was on 26th of August, that's like half a year back. Nevertheless, I have returned. 

It was quite a rough journey to this post. The moments faced together as I prepped myself for my final face-off with against the SPM examinations. It was a memorable moment with my buddies. Forgive me for not having many pictures on this paragraph as I didn't have much time during the exam week itself. 

After all the twists and turn from the examination, comes the emotional period - no puns intended - where we, the brothers of Vasilios, would go on our separate paths. It wouldn't be true if they say men do not shed tears. But as a fellow friends would say;

"Men cry not for themselves, but for their comrades"
The quote itself brings a whole new meaning to the term friendship. I've learned to cherish more than just the moments, but also to cherish the presence of those who are close to us. The moment arrived and we bid our final farewell.
The Brotherhood
Then, I've witnessed my migration from the West Coast to the East Coast. That was a far move from my old home. So then I was busy with the moving. I will not rant much about this here.

Next, it was my birthday on the 10th of January. So, that's not much to talk about since I practically did nothing much on my day. To be honest, there's nothing much I could do here in Terengganu.

One of my friends told me that life is all about moving on. I guess so it's true, since I feel that I'm getting older and this gut feeling is telling me to stop eating rice and move on to bread. 

So, officially this is my first post of 2013. 

'Till then.