Friday, 8 August 2014

And I Thought I Was Good

It's been quite a while since the last post down there. Basically I haven't updated this place since my registration in UiTM Lendu, and that made me worried, because staying in this infamous place, with new people and new environment would inevitably bring awesome stories and I'm missing the opportunity to share them with you guys and girls here. I haven't had a chance, until now.

This evening, I've had my hand at an essay writing workshop. It isn't a typical workshop because it's the Creative Writing Workshop + Competition held in conjunction with our Language Week. Well, frankly speaking, I never liked workshops but this one was a great one. I had a good time. And honestly speaking, I absolutely despise the pressure of a competition although this competition saw the rare side of my writing abilities.

If you've read a few of my articles, you would recognize that my writing style is very serious, linear, and definitely not creative thus this is a new experience for me in an area that I thought I was doing good at, which is writing. So, I have managed to sneakily snap my competing entry and gosh I am quite embarrassed by the way I wrote because I felt awkward.

The chosen topic was 'What do you see yourself as in 10 years to come?' Keep in mind that linear, serious writing wouldn't get me anywhere so, here goes my attempt at creative writing.

   It's no surprise that many of us would ask ourselves the same question. What do we see ourselves as in 10 years to come. Frankly speaking, I always ponder upon what may lie in my future. I might be living my dream life in my dream home, driving my dream car. But that's pretty much how Neanderthals would think 10 years into the future, if they were still here.
   The notion that my waistline would drop a few inches is quite plausible in the future, but I can't quite shake off the mental image of me being plump. Maybe it's because I've been very curvy for so long the image is somewhat engraved in my mind. Perhaps if I maintain this special diet of mine, I might just lose a few more inches, and pants since I have to buy new ones. I wouldn't worry about that since I'll  have a good job.
   Speaking of which, I am very adamant in becoming an editor for an automotive magazine, namely Top Gear. Some say that editing is an arduous profession. Who could argue with that because editors spend all day in front of a screen full of words. Sir, I beg to differ. In a decade or so, people would be driving their dream cars to work, and the roads jam packed with all these vehicles, and that doesn't matter to me. Why? Because I'll be donning a helmet, with a jetpack strapped to my back, and I'll be gliding around gracefully to work while the people on the roads are cursing to themselves, regretful of buying an Audi R8 and not a jetpack
   It is not yet a perfect life, especially without friends. It's quite inevitable to see friends  moving out of the country to continue life in a different country. I have always had this miniature parliamentary-style debate going on somewhere in my head about whether moving out of this country with my friends is a good choice or not. I would definitely miss the 'keropok lekor' and 'teh tarik' if I move away with my friends but it is a small compromise. Friends or food? I think I choose the former. My friends at least bring a sense of belonging, even more than my bed, and I am in a serious relationship with my bed.
   I think I might be living a beautiful life in a decade or so. It's  a nice feeling to finally live out your dream life, especially when you have been longing for it. Unless you wake up, and everything was just a dream.
This is the essay, unadulterated and unedited in any way. It's clear that I've lost my edge in writing, but spare a thought because this is something out of my alley since I've never thought creative writing is something interesting. But do tell me how my writing did, any comments would be welcomed.

Oh yeah, I might edit a few more stories for upcoming posts, but my midterms are next week so yeah.

Till then