Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Moment!

After all these years, after all the effort, at last, I've achieved lift off! Well, not really, actually I've just achieved in getting my very own awesome Sony PlayStation 3.

Yep, I had this hankering feeling since 2008. Yeah, you didn't read wrong. Quite a long time huh? So, today, on this very date, I will get 'the' PlayStation 3. I'll love it, and be loyal to it.

BUT, there is somebody I'm most loyal at =) You know who you are. Oh yeah, I love you more that anything else in the world combined kay. Don't worry, be happy, smile! Because when you smile, the world stops and stare for a while. Cause you're amazing, just the way you are =)


Arrived Home!

This time it's gonna be my holidays!

Upcoming this holidays are

1- PlayStation 3
2- Killzone 3
3- Crysis 2
4- Ultimate sleeping
5- Dedication posts =)
6- Minor ultimate BOREDOM!
7- Sad part =(
8- Back to school =( =(

So yeah, tell me if I missed anything out kay!

'Till then!