Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Back to Koleq!!!

Frankly speaking, this is my first year that I really
can't wait to go back to school...

Can't wait to see my friends, but sadly its for three months only.

Monday, 27 December 2010

School's out?

It was just like yesterday, when I step out of school thinking that it was my last day there. And then a few more days later I'll embark to Perak. Time really flies when you are having fun....

Deja vu!!!

Sunday, 26 December 2010

The finesse art of Music

Since I was a young boy, I've always listened to the sounds that passed by my ears. There's a saying stating that "where ever you go, music is all around you". Yeah, and I suppose somebody's fart being a melodical tune to listen to...

Speaking of music, I've taken very deep interest in this particular field. Yep, music is life. No doubt about it. Oh yeah, and Islam too! Don't forget religion. Back to the topic, music has made a deep crater into me, it has given me a gift that not every living soul on this beautiful planet would own. The gift of enjoying music. Thank you God and thank you music for being here!

We might enjoy the sounds of splashing waves by the shore, we might enjoy the sounds of the birds chirping, we might enjoy the sounds of the breeze rushing past by our ears, and we might enjoy the sounds of cars stuck in a dense traffic jam, and we call it MUSIC. Its what it is, subjective as you might say. Not all people would like the same songs. For instance, Muse is an alternative rock band and I love it, and Wonder Girls is a K-Pop group, and Maher Zain with his religious tunes. But, its BAD (yes, its bolded) to judge somebody's opinion on a song or a band..

See, I told you...

So, please understand that its not wrong to love music but it is pure wrong to judge music unless its a bad piece of record such as racist, drug abuse, religionist, sex stuff etc. Its not gonna be a way of life. Its just a hobby. Yes, a hobby. Just like collecting stamps or playing video games.

It's fine!!!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Dear Beloved Daddy..

Dear Dad? Can I have one of these?
Roland TD-4K V-drum set..

Can I? Can I ? Oh please? Pweety please? I've been a good boy now. If not this model can I have this one?

Roland HD-1 V-drums Lite..

Okay, okay, I know you'll say that this thing is loud and so but I can play this through my headphones so only I can listen. And it has volume control too!! It's small and can fit in the trunk of a car (it can be disassembled), it can be played by the whole family and I can burn calories on the drums...

Please daddy??

For more info-> Roland HD-1/Roland TD-4K

Monday, 20 December 2010

Since I met you...

For some reason, this masterpiece by Muse has my life into it...

"Map of The Problematique"
~Matt Bellamy~
~Dominic Howard~
~Christopher Wolstenholme~

Fear and panic in the air
I want to be free
From desolation and despair
And I feel like everything I sow
Is being swept away
Well I refuse to let you go

I can't get it right
Get it right
Since I met you

Loneliness be over
When will this loneliness be over

Life will flash before my eyes
So scattered and lost
I want to touch the other side
And no one thinks they are to blame
Why can't we see
That when we bleed we bleed the same

I can't get it right
Get it right
Since I met you

Loneliness be over
When will this loneliness be over
Loneliness be over
When will this loneliness be over

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Damn, hiatus....

After all these years, I never thought that my 15th year would be hellish enough. Exams after exams, this is way beyond my brain could handle.

But hey, look at the bright side, its all over...

Just wait and see bloody exams, 0812 is still waiting...

BTW, @Rifqi, @Faiq, @Afi, korg dg x mamat producer dlm vid ni tu kutuk Bilnk 182?