Saturday, 29 June 2013

Lost in the Mist

It's been a hectic week. Where was I? Oh, I'm already in higher education. Universiti Teknologi MARA. That's the full name for UiTM. Fast forward a few weeks, and bam, we're in classes and lectures. Surprisingly, or rather not surprisingly, I was appointed as the Class Representative. Way to go, I thought leaving Form 5 would give me some room to breathe. I was wrong.

After three weeks living here, we're starting to get the hang of the pace here. It's just fine. Unless we've been given a crudload of assignments to be done. Basically assignments are just a fancy name for homework.

So, typing this at 2 AM, fueled by a cup of Milo and an empty stomach, I tend to forget what was the main point I'm typing all this. Maybe the stress has gotten to me or I'm just really tired. I hope it's the latter. I'll muster some strength to type out another one later one. Till then

Good night