Sunday, 26 August 2012

From Daddy With Love

After a while with the UE600, I felt obliged to review on those lovely pair of IEMs.

First impressions were speechless. Sound was purely balanced. At first use, it wasn't clear of what it brought. But, after around 2 days, the quality improved drastically.

I can assure you the IEMs are top quality for its price. To my ears, it created a really surreal 3D soundstage. And that was with the provided silicon earbuds. It provided good seal and noise isolation. Quite a good seal as it was comfortable. The seal also provided the buds with a nice airtight seal to produce that realistic-rather-than-booming bass qualities. Speaking of bass, it did provide me with a clear and more real thump rather than warm bass. On the other hand, it did not sacrifice any of the treble for the bass. In other words, the highs sound clear and crisp, while the bass gives great padding to the highs, and not forgetting the mids were surely balanced and alive.

During the review session, I decided to try out the Comply Foam Tips. It is cited that it is the holy grail of the earbuds. You should check their website, just Google Comply Foam Tips up. Surprisingly, it improved the sound quality tenfolds. And as a plus, it is so damn comfortable, after an hour with those stuck in my ears, I barely noticed it there. Squeeze it and insert, it will expand and follows the contour of the ear canals. With it being as foam, one must put alot of care into those tips.

As conclusion, it is recommended if you seek for clarity in music as the price is highly recommended for amateur audiophiles. If you prefer more warmth and thumpier bass, I wouldn't really recommend this one for you. And to my dear friend Yasmin Sofea, if you have the cash and looking for clarity and a nice soundstage recreation, this are for you.

Lovely indeed

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Pair-anomal Activity

 Let's jump in straight to the point. Here it goes, my beloved Ultimate Ears 200 is decommissioned. Yeah, pretty sad I swear. One would say do not make a storm in a teacup, but, unfortunately it could not be said here. You see, music has been a part of my life since 2009, when I was emotionally attached to sounds and so. I joined the orchestra on that behalf.

  So, since then, sound quality has been my important issue. Last year Faiq introduced me to a pair of lovely earbuds, or technically known by their true term In-Ear Monitors (IEM). It was quite a yardstick in the music accessory arsenal, and at that moment, I fell in love with that pair
These were the dead pair
 In a few months, I took that pursuit and got one of my own. It was euphoric. The treble was clear, the highs were crisp and the bass. Wow, the bass had a kick to it. So warm. I'm not an bassophile to be precise but the bass got me. It was nice. And considering the robust build of the set, I wouldn't worry about the durability. 
 After a year, the pair went unbalanced. The left one going quieter than the right. Hmm, not sure why. But, I used it normally. A few months passed, and the left one gave away. I was pissed that moment. 

UE 500. A potential.
 Not long after, the other followed suit. Argh, that was the last straw. So, I decided to move on to a better pair. After reading a few reviews, I tried to eye on the UE 500. A few review later then I stumbled upon the UE 600. I was intrigued by it's system. Traditional IEMs utilizes dynamic drivers where as the 600 takes advantage of top-firing armatures producing clear sound, and great 3D soundstage. 

UE 600vi. Breathtaking.
 Now, the price wasn't that of a problem. 

 So, in a few months, expect me to have another review on the Logitech Ultimate Ear 600vi dedicated to a fellow friend Yasmin Sofea. Yes, the 'vi' is important in order to have a handsfree call with my other half. 

Till then, stay put! 

Monday, 30 April 2012

We All Have What We Want

So, Rifqi, having a wishlist doesn't determine whether you're a girl or a boy okay. Now, back to the topic then. Well, there are certain things I would love to have this year. Nothing much but, it is just awesome. It's just what I want, to feel great and happy for the upcoming crud storm I'm about to face

Here goes:-

  • Official Sony Playstation 7.1 Surround Sound Bluetooth Headset
  • HTC One X
  • Gunnar Paralex Gaming Optics
  • M4 Tokyo Marui Airsoft 
  • M200 CheyTac Intervention
  • An 'OmniBlade' replica 
  • Ability to Fus Ro Dah someone of a cliff
  • SPM 9A+
  • PS Vita with Uncharted: Golden Abyss
  • Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
  • Uncharted II: Among Thieves 

And the list basically goes on. It's fun to have a wishlist, especially when it give you hope to look forward in life and gain more, and earn what you'd hankered for a long time. Hmm, what more can I want and have? Oh gosh, that sounds so 'childish'.
The Sony 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound
HTC One X! So hot.
Gunnar Gaming Optics
M4 Tokyo Marui Airsoft. Closest to the real deal.
Fus Ro Dah, a force spell, flinging poor Lydia off the cliff.

Lovely, just lovely

Commander Shepard's lethal OmniBlade 'replica'
The Most Epic, Uncharted, both 1st and 2nd

So, there you have it. All in its glory! And all I want, and love.

'Till then

Sunday, 22 April 2012

I'm A Bloody Cheater!

Forgive me Barrett M82. Somebody seemed to be more sexy than you. I can't stand it. I know I want you, I love you, I really want to feel you. But, I was seduced by another hottie.
 M82A1 rifle, current version.
The Barrett whom I cheated

Enter, CheyTac M200 Intervention! She's better than you M82. I know you tried your best, but, she performs better. I'm so sorry!

M200 Intervention by CheyTac

It's done, it's over. I love you M200! I know I want you, you know you want me! Let's be together, forever M200.

Hey! What is Mark Wahlberg doing with my baby!

Monday, 2 January 2012

The Start of The Maelstrom

It felt like yesterday that I started my 16th year life at school. Time really flies when you're having great time, worst or first it doesn't matter, time waits for no man. That's the harsh truth.

But nothing is something if you don't take what it has to offer to you. The year Two Thousand Eleven had a lot in store for me, and I was a sucker for it. I learnt a lot of values and lessons along the way. I've gained many friends, and subsequently, I've gained foes too. And I can't stress more on what I experienced the last year.

Amongst all the confusion and hectic moments, God gave me a preview of one of His graciousness. He introduced me to a precious feeling called Love. Yes, this is what I lived on last year, to be honest. Let me share with you a story. It all started on February. Allah subtly introduced me to one of His humble creations. It was her. It was my first time in 16 years that I felt Love. I have to agree that it is a very, very powerful feeling. A force that shouldn't be reckoned with, I say. I felt so happy, so euphoric, so fly. I knew that, that moment was a moment to be cherished. Yes I did. My feelings for her were strong. I knew I wanted to be her best ever, the man for the woman. I tried my best. Unknowingly, I've changed into a better person in that period. Somewhere in the middle, we hit a bump. It broke me into pieces, and as a side product, I've grown stronger, and better. I lived a lone wolf life after that.

I prayed to God. And I wanted Him to answer. And alhamdulillah he did. So, when His Graciousness gave me a second chance, I took it with no second thought. I was very grateful and happy. You know, I loved her very much, more than I love myself. That's a cold fact. Yes, I enjoyed every moment of it. Until, an unfortunate turn of events trashed me. It was the end of us. God denied us. I believed He has something better for us. I have faith in that.

So, that's the end of the story. Even though it has nothing much interesting, it holds something precious for me. And before ending this, to whoever you are, I just want to say thank you, for giving me on of the best moments in my life. And I apologize for whatsoever deeds that I have done wrong. I hope you do forgive me. I wish you the best of luck for 2012 and the upcoming years.

And whatever that waits for me this year, just know that, I'm being my best to become a better person. With that, I conclude.