Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A Silent Tribute

Have you ever wondered what's it's been, lying on your deathbed, staring into nothingness. Have you ever wondered what would it feel like having your last breath, knowing that you're never going to meet your loved ones again? We would never have the chance to tell the tale.

He was once a teacher, infamous of his never-ending stories, conspicuous glare and puns not more entertaining than watching nails rust in the middle of winter. His tale was but of a sad one. In the eyes of students, he was a bane, but in the eyes of some, he was a hero, a father figure. We never thought his puns, lame jokes, or petty insults were just a futile attempt to entertain and liven up the mundane air of the class. We never thought he maybe confiscating phone just to feed his family. We never put it that way. As time goes by, we grow older, so does the gift of God, the brain. But we forget Nature's most fundamental law, everything around us grows as well. Our pets, our brothers, our sisters, our teacher and our parents. It may seem a delusional nightmare but it's the cold truth. He is now a memory to be remembered and cherished by those around him. May Allah place you in those who held in their Iman. Al-Fatihah to the late Cikgu Zamri, a name that we forever would remember.

"Verily we belong to God, and to God we return" - Sura Al-Baqara, Verse 156
 Insha Allah, his soul be in peace and his sins forgiven. As for us, for as long as we take our breath, remember that Death does not wait for anyone. Allah is Great.

Time disintegrates, no exception